The pharmacy programme initially started at diploma level under the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Institut Teknologi Mara (ITM), Jalan Othman in 1996. With the awarding of the Bachelor of Pharmacy programme, the Faculty of Pharmacy was officially set up on the 1st August 2001. In June 2002 the Faculty moved to its present location, the Science and Technology Complex, UiTM Shah Alam. The Diploma in Pharmacy programme of UiTM is considered as a niche, as UiTM is the only institution in Malaysia that offers such a programme.



To be a lead faculty embodying academic and research excellent that invigorates Bumiputera.



To enhance the intellect of the Bumiputera in pharmacy disciplines with an emphasis on management and entrepreneurship in health care through the delivery of dynamic program, research, linkages with the industry and social services based on professionalism and ethics.



The objectives of the faculty are:

  • To produce competent pharmacists and pharmacy associates in line with the vision of the university and faculty.   
  • To create centers of excellence in areas to be identified.
  • To lead the advancement of new knowledge in pharmacy.
  • To provide the platform for experts to present their scientific knowledge in health-care in general, and pharmacy in particular.
  • To encourage then exchange of ideas among professionals in health care, law and education, as well as with the general public.
  • To initiate and encourage self and career development of the academic staff.   
  • To provide consultancy service in pharmacy.
  • To offer programs related to life long learning for pharmacists. 
  • To become the reference center for the pharmacy knowledge.
  • To react proactively and effectively to the country's vision and aspiration.

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